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Product Lineup

MariaDB Product Lineup

MariaDB Enterprise

Stable, matured and tested version of MariaDB. Recommended components are activated by default and key extensions are pre-loaded, enabling immediate use after installation.

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MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

Galera based multi-master synchronous replication clustering designed for high availability. It greatly simplifies provisioning, monitoring, and management tasks with its included support services, management tools and APIs.

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Product Comparison

Feature MariaDB Enterprise MariaDB Enterprise Cluster
MySQL compatibility
Pre-loaded approved plugins and recommended storage engines
Pre-loaded MariaDB Audit
Enterprise Monitoring
(Advanced subscription only)
Query Analyzer
(Advanced subscription only)
Visual Query Editor
(Advanced subscription only)
Hot Backup
(Advanced subscription only)
Backup and Recovery Manager Optional
(Advanced subscription only)
Active-active Multi-master Topology NA
True Synchronous Replication NA

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