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MariaDB Enterprise Cluster


MariaDB Enterprise Cluster is a package product which includes support services, management tools and APIs as well as multi-master, synchronous replication "MariaDB Galera Cluster". Galera Cluster is a quite powerful technology, with which you can eliminate single points of failure, but since it is relatively new, its configuration processes could be a challenge for database administrators who does not have much experiences. MariaDB Enterprise Cluster is designed to simplify those processes. With MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, any administrators can use Galera Cluster and configure true high availability clustering.
Galera Cluster requires no downtime or application change when adding nodes, and loads are evenly balanced whether it is installed on-premise or in cloud. This enables you to reduce risks, protect data and maintain performance with low cost.

MariaDB Galera Cluster basic architecture

Differences from other clustering technologies

There are a variety of methods or products that enables database clustering including master-slave replication which has become popular these years. Those technologies, however, have limitations in terms of high availability due to the architecture.
Simple asynchronous replication may cause serious problems such as slow failover and transaction loss. Also, there are some developmental complexities in order to take advantage of the master-slave configuration - for example application reads and writes need to be divided into different connections.

Galera Cluster multi-master clustering technology resolves those issues. Every update is replicated to all servers in the cluster at a time, eliminating a time lag on slave as well as simplifying the application architecture.

Galera Cluster benefits

Galera Cluster has unique features and benefits as follows.

  • Both database reads and writes can be processed directly from/to the server. This means tremendous benefits in scalability, and failover downtime is also significantly reduced.
  • Galera Cluster status information is stored in the cluster itself, so management and monitoring can be performed as a single entity.
  • Adding or deleting a database server to/from the existing active cluster is quite easy. Galera Cluster is a solidly controlled unit, and any server status is global and can be referenced even from a newly added server.
  • For Galera Cluster used in cloud environment, database servers can be added or deleted while keeping applications completely online.
  • Applications can do both reads and writes to any server.
  • Both reads and writes can be scaled out.
  • Online automatic addition of nodes
  • Simple node deletion (scale in)
  • No need for application change while scaling out
  • Restorative ability from excessive network delay
  • No need to worry about data loss as all nodes are active and master.


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